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Basic of manicuring

Beauty of nailsInformation about Manicuring

Though our hand is our body part we work with the most often, we treat it in the worst way.

It is exposed to different effects and conditions:

  • weather effects
  • temperature effects
  • injuries and dangers of inflammation resulting from the above. Continue reading

Modern Manicure

modern_manicureProcedure of the Modern Manicure:

  • hand washing
  • sterilization
  • removing old polish
  • diagnosis (survey)
  • lifting the edges of nails (upon the guest’s request)
  • shortening the length of nails (with nail clippers or tweezers if necessary) Continue reading

Hand massage

handmassageProcedure of the massage:

It is required to disperse the massage cream evenly from the hand up to the elbow.

1. grip: We begin with massaging the fingers. We massage each finger, the thumb and the forefinger in a spiral-like way from the tip of fingers up to base knuckles, then backwards toward the fingertips.
2. grip: We massage the upper part of the hand up to the wrist, then backwards.
3. grip: We hold the guest’s hand on its sides with both our hands then use our thumb to massage the back of the hand from the stem of the fingers up to the wrist with concentric movements, then backwards. Continue reading

Advice for lacquering

nail_manicure– Treat our nails occasionally with oils containing vitamin. A that have a hardening effect. Do not dilute the thickened nail polish with acetone but with a lacquer thinner offered by the manufacturer.

– If we apply a thin coat of nail polish not only will we quicken drying time but it is also more economical.

– Before applying nail polish place it into warm water for a few minutes. Continue reading